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Established in 1958, Sinoma (Handan) Construction Co., Ltd. (Sinoma (Handan) for short) is one of the earliest cement construction service providers affiliated to Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600970) under China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. Sinoma (Handan) is located in Handan City of Hebei Province, a historic city with abundant resources and convenient transportation. 
For more than sixty years since its founding, Sinoma (Handan) has been mainly focusing on integration service for domestic and overseas cement projects regarding general contract projects, equipment manufacturing, project management, engineering consultancy, commissioning and maintenance, etc. Nearly 500 cement production lines home and abroad have been completed during these years. Along with the enhancement of comprehensive strength, Sinoma (Handan) has been expanding global market, extending business to East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa. As a world oriented and domestic based corporation, Sinoma (Handan) has accumulated rich experiences in engineering construction and project management which has reached international advanced level.
With its strength in general contract project management and equipment technology, Sinoma (Handan) has spread its general contract business to both domestic and overseas market. To meet the market demands, we also undertakes O&M of cement production lines and technology upgrading business. Sinoma (Handan) actively expanded related diversified business, such as civil buildings, power engineering, technological agriculture, low-carbon environment and sea water desalination, etc., trying to offer comprehensive technical and production service for clients. 
Under the guidance of the core value concept of “Innovation, Performance, Harmony, Responsibility”, Sinoma (Handan) will seize the opportunity in this new economic era with professional technology and fine management, and offer credible, caring and satisfactory service to our clients to achive mutual interests in economic benefit and brand value.
Sinoma (Handan) is earnest and sincere to cooperate hand in hand with our domestic and foreign partners for the glorious future.






















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